A Generation Of Millionaires Could Be Made From Ripple

This particular crypto currency has been in the headlines quite a few times in the recent weeks, seeing it make some impressive gains and quite a boost in trade volume, so what is this?... It's called Ripple and has made quite an impact!

What potential does this currency have and who is working alongside it and behind the scenes?

Well where do we start!

Ripple Labs works with 15 of the top 50 banks in the world plus it is developing a rival to the SWIFT system, making this seem to be a long term contender.

But what is all the fuss about? Is Ripple really a direct rival to Bitcoin and can it keep its new price for the long term...

Is Ripple going to create a generation of millionaires like Bitcoin did? Well anything can happen, already this summer has proven to be a positive one for the team at Ripple Labs.

Receiving funding of $55 million is usually a good start, plus working with 15 of the top 50 banks!

There is some controversy to this innovative new tech company, many people say it is not a company for the people as it works with banks and financial institutions, the very thing Bitcoin (and the blockchain technology) was created to create freedom from!

Crypto enthusiasts say Ripple will become centralized and that could be a fair point!

Others are supportive for the potential profit and/or simply because they love innovation or both.

Either way Ripple is the third biggest crypto by market cap and is only beaten by Bitcoin and Ethereum so it is likely whether or not you like what it stands for Ripple is not going anywhere any time soon.


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