Wikileaks Releases Bombshell Emails.. Podesta, Clinton, Vatican Aware Of E.T.s,

Wikileaks Releases Bombshell Emails exclusive-vatican-linked-to-extraterrestrials-in-leaked-podesta-emails-by-wikileaks-wikileaks-releases-more-bombshell-emails

Wikileaks Releases Bombshell Emails... Hilary, Podesta & Vatican Know About Extra Terrestrials!

In the recent weeks Wikileaks released bombshell emails that can easily destabilize the Clinton Campaign.

In what is sure to raise some eyebrows, two emails found in Wikileaks’ latest email leak of John Podesta, allegedly shows that former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell emailed Mr. Podesta with intent to set up a meeting where the two would discuss formal Extraterrestrial Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, or more commonly known as “free energy.”

While Wikileaks has yet to address this specific email revelation, the two emails are being shown on Wikileaks’ website.

The most recent emails expose Hilary, Podesta and the Vatican are aware of extra terrestrials and aware of a plan regarding zero point energy that they plan to bring to humanity!

To read the emails in full here are the links Email 1 & Email 2

What else will be exposed as we get to the climax of the election and the end of 2016 will Wikileaks Release Even More Bombshell emails stay tuned...

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